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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

The threat of terrorism is real and the use of vehicles as a delivery mechanism for explosives very common.

PAF can conduct security audits of your buildings and operation centres to assess the operational requirements for hostile vehicle mitigation measures. We will assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of your site to vehicle-borne threats by conducting a practical site and technical assessment taking into consideration type of building and operation, location, constraints, existing protection, traffic management, vehicle access control, vehicle and pedestrian movements and vehicle swept path analysis.

Having assessed the vulnerability of your site we will recommend the suitable mitigation measures such as:

  • a robust HVM strategy:
  • traffic management options (who, what, why, where, when and how traffic will access the site)
  • traffic calming measures to reduce and govern speeds thereby reducing the chance of penetrating boundaries
  • implementing measures such as suitable vehicle security barriers (VSB), vehicle impact protection such as a bund, ditch, wall, gate, street furniture
  • access control
  • operations management
  • emergency access.